Culture Survey

The Culture Survey subscription is Pascal’s foundational software subscription enabling the measurement and management of safety culture, employee engagement, and other related domains in support of improving overall organizational culture.

Foundational to having a culture of safety is measuring and improving safety culture, a scientifically validated concept for which Pascal was the first in the healthcare field to pioneer the large-scale assessment, benchmarking, and program management.  Today, Pascal serves many of the leading health systems in supporting safety culture, employee engagement, and broader organizational culture initiatives.

The Culture Survey subscription enables a client to:

  • Collect survey data from respondents and achieve respondent rates in excess of 70 percent based on following Pascal’s best practices
  • Support your safety culture and high reliability initiatives with data analytics and powerful program management supporting even the most demanding programs, as well as other supporting tools
  • Enjoy the same culture program support system used by leading health systems which have pioneered the assessment and improvement of safety culture such as Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, Partners HealthCare, and others
Pascal Survey Features Comparison Chart

Why it Matters

The link between hospital culture and patient harm is clear. Culture and related staff dynamics are the most important and foundational data sets to measure and understand. National accreditation and quality improvement organizations call for long-term investment into culture improvement as a necessary foundation for improving the quality of patient care. Improving safety culture results in measurable and sustained clinical improvement and cost savings.

Approaches must support health care complexity.  Right now, many hospitals attempt to understand and improve safety culture with relatively simplistic or generic survey approaches. But these efforts often fail to result in meaningful or measurable improvement. Why? Most approaches can not effectively deal with the complexity of health care, resulting in low-quality data. As a result, most survey instruments do not lead to actionable insights and next-steps. Safety and quality leaders need a survey solution that goes beyond the generic nature of many instruments. A survey solution that accommodates health care complexity provides superb data and enables hospitals to achieve an understanding of their culture and, subsequently, what they need to do to improve.

Meaningful work to improve the quality of care.  Pascal Metrics has enabled leaders from over 1,200 hospitals to develop the foundation necessary for improving patient safety by surveying and analyzing data from more than one million survey respondents. Pascal’s survey database now contains the largest unit-level benchmark of safety culture metrics in the world. This data has helped create more accurate population mapping, more insightful analysis, and a survey instrument more impact overall. Around the survey, Pascal includes training and interventions that help achieve success.

Creating real understanding and natural improvement with the only solution of its kind.  Our Survey Solution is much more than the survey instrument itself, and includes multiple layers of intensive pre-survey and post-survey support. Specifically, our solution includes:

How it works

The following are highlights of the process:

  • Survey Administration: Includes survey administration(s) with the recommended AHRQ’s Hospital Survey on Patient Safety (HSOPS), a widely used and scientifically validated survey instrument, and any other scientific survey domains from Pascal’s survey library (e.g. employee engagement; burnout and resilience; and else) in order to meet a client’s strategic aims. An electronic approach is typicall used across the organization for targeted respondent.
  • Safety Culture Reporting and Analytics: Continuous online access to detailed interactive reporting and visual analytics; available within ten (10) business days post survey administration.
  • Safety Culture Advanced Benchmarking: Depending on the scientific instrument used, benchmarking across over 22,000 clinical unit areas, enabling comparison and learning from over 1,100 hospital peers and informing goal setting. Benchmarking for HSOPS originates from the U.S. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality database.
  • Leadership Briefing: Led by a Pascal Advisor, these web-based sessions focus on using the culture survey data to drive change across hospitals by:
    • Educating client teams
    • Reviewing safety culture data
    • Engaging leaders on how to use the data to drive change
    • Identifying longitudinal trends in culture data at clinical unit level
  • Initial Improvement Training: Led by a Pascal Advisor as a necessary follow-up to measuring culture and a possible prelude to more advanced learning systems training, Pascal provides webinars, trainings, and other guidance.

An example relationship between culture and outcomes across a single client’s units is shown in the chart below:

Relationship Between Culture and Outcomes

To learn more about how Pascal’s field-leading culture measurement and management services can support your program, please contact us for more information.

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To learn more about Pascal’s industry-leading virtual patient safety solutions and services, complete this short form and we’ll contact you to schedule a demo.