Wall Street Journal Highlights Pascal’s Proven Technology: Enabling a New Standard in Patient Safety & Risk Management Methods

The Wall Street Journal spotlights Pascal's technology as an enabler of an innovative adverse event outcome data standard, transforming patient safety and risk management in healthcare. Learn how this groundbreaking approach benefits both healthcare and risk management organizations, and most importantly, patients.

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Dr. Don Berwick Responds to NEJM-published Harvard Trigger Study by Renewing Call for Automated Harm Detection

“They may not welcome the duty to push patient safety back to strategic prominence. Nevertheless, ‘first do no harm’ remains a sacred obligation for all in health care, and success requires ‘constancy of purpose for improvement.’ Without renewed board and executive leadership and accountability for safety and without concerted, persistent investment in and monitoring of change, a summary study 34 years from now may again look all too familiar, with millions upon millions of patients, families, and health care staff paying the price for inaction.”

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Trigger-based Patient Safety Method Finds High Rate of Preventable Harm in Hospitals – New Harvard Study Reveals

Dr. David Bates, Dr. Elizabeth Mort, and co-authors from Mass Gen Brigham and affiliates sought to evaluate the current state of patient safety using a trigger-based method across 11 Massachusetts hospitals using 2018 data. To summarize the remarkable findings, the study identified one adverse event in every four admissions, and approximately a quarter of those were preventable.    

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CMS Proposes Another EHR-based Hospital Harm Measure

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently released the FY2023 Inpatient Prospective Payment System (IPPS) Proposed Rule governing payment for the inpatient setting.  Prominent in the adverse event domain was the CMS announcement of a new EHR-based hospital harm measure; the opioid-related event eCQM measure (NQF #3501e).

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