Who We Are

Pascal Metrics is a team of clinicians, scientists, engineers, operators, and experts dedicated to the mission of improving the patient safety and quality of care by offering the best outcomes data worldwide, enabled by technology and expert services.

Pascal has led the field for over 10 years in enabling healthcare systems to measure and reduce safety vulnerabilities and quality variation using clinically validated adverse outcomes based on real-time electronic health record (“EHR”) and health IT (“HIT”) data (“AE Outcomes”). Until Pascal, the concept of an evidence-based clinical “trigger” to improve the patient safety and reliability of care remained just that: a “concept”, and one relegated to research and science projects.

What Pascal did is not only show that an enterprise-grade commercialization of evidence-based clinical triggers — which added proprietary enhancements to make them relevant, useful, and cost-effective — could identify 10x-30x the level of patient harm as compared to traditional methods but also that health systems could use this unique AE Outcomes timely data stream to support concurrent intervention and high frequency cycles of improvement.

This was a revolutionary development in patient safety about which only in recent years the field and the industry of have begun to understand the significance, impact, and value. For those using our revolutionary solution, gone are the days of relying on “See something, Say something” to keep patients safe.

What’s more, this new way of doing patient safety continuously generates AE Outcomes, the best data possible for powering the application of machine learning (“ML”), artificial intelligence (“AI”), and other advanced analytics to patient safety. The clinical trigger is foundational for generating AE Outcomes. Pascal, which has been collecting AE Outcomes for over a decade, has the largest such curated safety data set worldwide. We were the first in the industry to apply ML and AI to AE Outcomes for predicting global harm, and we are the best positioned to predict specific harm — moving caregivers far beyond the hopes of predicting patient condition deterioration and other proxies for patient safety.

Pascal has been the leader in health IT-enabled patient safety and quality improvement, and we are committed to enabling the clients we serve to deliver the safest and most reliable care possible. We start all with with foundational software and services supporting measurement & management and, using the results and data therefrom, we will remain on the forefront of AI-assisted patient safety.


Our leadership team consists of clinicians, scientists, technologists, and — perhaps critically given the challenges of healthcare — expertise in operations and execution. Together, we have hundreds of years of experience designing clinical solutions that increase patient safety and improve clinical reliability.  Pascal team members for decades have been on the forefront of peer-reviewed published research, the use of advanced clinical technologies and data, engaged in cultural and organizational change, and the innovation of sustainable operating models.

Our Namesake

Well before broad recognition emerged in the healthcare field that the use of probability within data science would become a source of great hope, we named our Patient Safety Organization (“PSO”) “Pascal Metrics”. Our choice flowed from the aspiration to apply probability to healthcare metrics in the spirit of Blaise Pascal, the father of modern risk management. We started doing this when key leaders in the field viewed the use of ML and AI as the futuristic fantasies of “Buck Rogers.”

Holding forth the hope that data science would augment a field relying more on mental models driven by calculus (valid or not?) versus statistics (to what extent probable?), and when EHR penetration was less than 6%, Pascal Metrics started to execute on its vision that the delivery of safety and reliable care could move from managing risk in the “rear view mirror” to implementing more advanced approaches combining clinical expertise, data science, and scalable software.

Over the years Pascal’s execution on this vision has deepened and broadened considerably across disciplines, markets, and geographies in supporting the health IT-enabled transformation of the healthcare industry. Today, Pascal enjoys an exceptionally large community of clinical, technical, and scientific colleagues and advisors brought to bear by our federally-certified PSO for our client partners.

Pascal has offices in Austin, Sydney, and Washington DC. Pascal is the first organization to enable health systems globally to use AE Outcomes to reduce safety vulnerabilities and quality variation.

As a federally-certified and successfully audited Patient Safety Organization (PSO), we are dedicated to providing a culture of safety for learning and collaboration in order to advance the field of patient safety and, most importantly, keep patients safe. Our Collaboratives are widely acknowledged to host the development and sharing of best practices in patient safety and quality of the emerging health IT environment, as well as to guide the development of patient safety solutions and directions for the field and for the industry.

If you are interested in learning more or joining our team, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you!