Who We Are

Pascal is a leader in measuring and improving patient safety and quality in healthcare, with expertise and systems uniquely capable of meeting the challenges and opportunities of emerging health IT for the healthcare delivery environment. Together with our healthcare system client partners, it is our privilege to serve clinical teams who reduce and manage clinical risk for millions of patients per year.


Our leadership team consists of clinicians, scientists, technologists, and — perhaps critically given the challenges of healthcare — expertise in operations and execution. Together, we have hundreds of years of experience designing clinical solutions that increase patient safety and improve clinical reliability.  Pascal team members for decades have been on the forefront of peer-reviewed published research, the use of advanced clinical technologies and data, engaged in cultural and organizational change, and the innovation of sustainable operating models.

Our Namesake

Well before broad recognition emerged in the healthcare field that the use of probability within data science would become a source of great hope, our Patient Safety Organization (PSO) was named “Pascal Metrics” — applying probability to healthcare metrics in the spirit of Blaise Pascal, the father of modern risk management.  Holding forth the hope that data science would augment a field relying more on mental models driven by calculus (valid or not?) versus statistics (to what extent probable?), and well before the emergence of electronic data liquidity, Pascal Metrics started to execute on its vision that the delivery of safety and reliable care could move from managing risk in the “rear view mirror” to implementing more advanced approaches combining clinical expertise, data science, and scalable software.

Over the years Pascal’s execution on this vision has deepened and broadened considerably across disciplines, markets, and geographies in supporting the health IT-enabled transformation of the healthcare industry. Today, Pascal enjoys an exceptionally large community of clinical, technical, and scientific colleagues and advisors brought to bear by our federally certified PSO for our client partners.


Indeed, in the spirit of Blaise Pascal, our culture is one of innovation and, while grounded by evidence-based medicine and sound epidemiology, are able to ask “Why?” and “Why not?”  It is this pioneering risk-taking that has resulted in many “firsts” for Pascal Metrics, including but not limited to:

  • 1st to measure safety culture at scale using an advanced software-as-a-service platform for the express purpose of data-driven intervention and improvement
  • 1st to provide safety culture benchmarking analytics at the unit-level to provide a first-ever enterprise-wide view of a health system’s unit-level safety culture
  • 1st to automate all-cause harm detection (starting with an automated Global Trigger Tool) on an advanced enterprise-grade technology platform
  • 1st to generate clinically validated EHR-based adverse event outcomes (“AE Outcomes”) at scale in a unified, standardized, and normalized data set
  • 1st to apply machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to EHR-based AE Outcomes data with highly accurate prediction of global harm
  • 1st to develop a CFO-grade harm-related financial ROI model using AE Outcomes dynamically applicable across a collaborative community
  • 1st to deploy real-time safety and risk analytics enterprise within a federally certified and fully audited Patient Safety Organization (PSO)


Last but not least, Pascal Metrics is committed to delivering value to the organizations it serves.  If we do not deliver value, our view is that we do not deserve to serve.  Indeed, Pascal has pioneered “value-based patient safety” and will continue to work as hard as possible to increase the value that we offer to our clients and partners.


Pascal is based in Washington DC, a national center of healthcare policy and regulatory action.

As a federally-certified and successfully audited Patient Safety Organization (PSO), we are dedicated to providing a culture of safety for learning and collaboration in order to advance the field of patient safety and, most importantly, keep patients safe. Our Collaboratives are widely acknowledged to host the development and sharing of best practices in patient safety and quality of the emerging health IT environment, as well as to guide the development of patient safety solutions and directions for the field and for the industry.

If you are interested in learning more or joining our team, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you!